Hey there EMOverEasy listeners!  Its July, while we hope that means summer vacations, back yard BBQs, fireworks and more, for many of us in the medical world it also means


Amidst the hustle and bustle of graduation and seniors fleeing the nest to care for patients all on their own, somewhere under the undergrowth the new youth of the program arrive. Some are excited, some are happy, most are scared.

That’s why we are here.

Educators get excited every year around this time because we have new minds to mold. A chance to inspire and impress fuels us with vigor. We love the bright eyed, bushy tailed responses and eagerness filling each department….. but mostly we are just trying to make sure interns dont kill anyone.

We know intern year is a tough transition for many former medical students. You spent the last 4 years being a shadow of a physician, either physically by always standing behind/below your attending or mentally by by knowing that your answers and patient care dont really make a difference. But that all changes now. Every patient you see is your patient, and every order you put in gets done. Things are real now, and we want to help you with that transition.

In order to help both the brand new docs but also anyone looking for a bit of a refresh, we scoured our episodes and curated a lineup that is sure to get you going on the right foot!  So, for the month of July, we will be revisiting an episode every few days, and if you listen and follow us on social media, we will be giving away swag too!

Oh, and if you are the binge listener type, here are the episodes we felt were most on fleek and organized our preferred order of listening. Start with our latest episode, then make your way down the list for any topic refreshers you need! 

Episode 41 #NewYearNewDocs

Episode 14 – Brand Building

  • You want to start off on the right foot and creating/building your brand is as important and your medical knowledge.   Become the doc that people want to work with.

Episode 15 – Communication

  • If you don’t think communication is king, well then…

Episode 3 – Becoming and Adult Learner

  • Learning out of the classroom is a whole different beast, but is is also so much better and more fun.  Why, because now we are learning what we love to do.

Episode 6 – Tips for New Docs

  • Pure gold and applies to all, not just the intern

Episode 13 – Teaching Rox

  • Our tips for on shift teaching, something we all have to do. (please excuse the less than stellar audio production)

Episode 25 and 27 – Nursing Communication

  • Want to make sure you succeed in the ED, well the key is your nurses.  Get them on your side and make them part of your team.

Episode 8 – Dealing with Consultants

  • For better or worse, its life, here is our advice for making the phone calls as smooth as possible and a few tips when its getting a little sour.

Episode 16 – Wellness

  • Its a hot button word but critical for all of us

Episode 5 – Flipping Your Schedule

  • Shift work… we love it and love to hate it

Episode 20 – Getting Things Done

  • Feeling your groove or feeling overwhelmed, either way, getting things done is key

Episode 37 – Mentorship



God speed interns.

#NewYearNewDocs Intern Bootcamp 2017

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