We get a lot of questions about the gear we use to record EM Over Easy. This page gives an in depth look at how we bring you our listeners each episode.



Onsite Recording: AT 2005 USB/XLR mic with a wind screen and a shock mount, using the XLR cord.

Home: Drew and Tanner both have the Blue Yeti USB, while  Andy uses a Heil PR40 with a Behringer pre-amp.

Mobile Recording:Zoom-H5-Front.jpg

We originally were laptop based, until we were introduced to the Zoom H5 recorder, which we use with the 2 mic adapter allowing us to record with up to 4 mics a once.

Head Phones:

For onsite recording we all just bring Earbuds (here are the ones Drew and Andy love). But for home it is important to have a good set of studio quality over the ear headphones, factoring in quality and price we recommend the ATH-M20x.