Back in December 2016, we released an episode for our first ever Holiday Gift Guide. This has become one of our more popular posts, and we soon realized that having gift ideas for EM docs (or any physician for that matter) can be a valuable resource for many people.

In light of this, we have decided to make a perpetually updated list of gift ideas. As any of the EMoverEasy crew hear/find/create new gift ideas, we will update it here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any great ideas that you think would fit as well!

*we have no affiliation with any of these products or ideas, and are not receiving any compensation to list them here. Basically, this is all cool crap that the three of us like.

Updated Last – 2/18/2016


Black Diamond Headlamp: Looking for a good moderately priced Headlamp? Look no further than the Black Diamond.

Z-REX from Leatherman: Looking for the tool to upgrade your car emergency kit or your field bag? Then check out the Z-REX tool available from Leatherman.

Sleep Mask: Always have a “dark” place to sleep. Just watch out for the first few wake ups.

Leatherman Raptor Shears: makes you the envy of all the medics and EMS people when they bring in a patient and you rip through jeans like a hot knife through butter.

Sound/White Noise Machine: Help yourself and your significant other switch between their shifts.

Prescription Coffee Mug: Be the envy of the hot drink drinkers at work with this cheesy, classic mug.


Hippocratic Oath poster: Lots of different versions on Etsy, find something that fits the right style.

Tachy Christmas Sweater: Be the talk of your ED christmas party with this tachy sweater.

On Shift Bag: Whether its a trendy Timbuk2 bag or the Bestek bag, we all have stuff we bring onto shift and be somewhat stylish doing it.

An Extra Stethoscope: We are all Littman guys, and its good to have an extra one.

TSA Pre-check: Do you have an itch to travel? Then upgrade to pre 9/11 screening, and for get the strip downs with TSA Pre-check.

National Park Pass: Give your EM Doc a pass to adventure.


Show and Tell: A great book to help the budding presenter.

An Illustrated Guide of Bad Arguments. Increase your social awareness and read this awesome way to learn (and see!) the way arguments happen and why. Amazon Link

Grit. It seems that today now more than ever we need to have a little resilience. Read this book to get down and dirty on this topic of personal fortitude. Grit Amazon Link


ECG Weekly Subscription: Give the gift of becoming a EKG boss.

Time: Physicians are extremely busy people, and often put their family and work ahead of themselves. Anything that gives us time for things we want to do (lawn care/mower, babysitter, house cleaning, etc) is an INCREDIBLE gift.

Thanks: a simple THANK YOU for all they do goes a long way!!