Our group started over 6 years ago during medical school when we met at a conference. After years on the national circuit together, somehow we all ended up training at residency together in Columbus, Ohio. Our goal is to push the conversation of medicine and medical education beyond the clinical gestalts and testing (#MoreThanMedicine). We are here to add levity and real world experience to the #FOAMed and EM world, one breakfast conversation at a time…


The Original EMOE Crew

Headshot Andy 2018 BW
Andy Little

Andy Little is the man that drives the crew to new heights, constantly pushing the boundaries of what we think is possible for a small podcast such as this. His energy (and the uncanny ability to run on 3 hours of sleep) are essential to the operation of EMOE.

Headshot Tanner 2018 BW
Tanner Gronowski

Tanner Gronowski is a blend of creativity, mediocre tech savvy, and svelte style. From photography to sound bites, he enjoys adding flair and punch to the podcast. The one non-Ohio State fan, non-long distance exerciser of the group, his best attributes are balance.

Headshot Drew 2018 BW
Drew Kalnow

Drew Kalnow is the sultry tones you hear on air for the EMOE crew. Articulate, smart, and snarky, his made-for-radio voice propels us to a level of almost sounding legitimate. When the rest of the crew stumbles, he’s always there to drive the conversation on.