Short Stacks

ShortStacks are something we came up with early in our time podcasting. We found that with each recording there was a lot of good, clean fun being had outside of our episodes, that would allow our listeners (You) to get insight into our hosts and their guests. We hope that you find them both funny, but also educational into the friendship and minds of Drew, Tanner and Andy. This page will be updated everytime we publish a ShortStack.

Short Stack 17 #Organs

Short Stack 16 #Procedures

ShortStack 15 #OtherJobs


ShortStack 14 #PensAndHaircuts

ShortStack 13 #DesertIsland


ShortStack 12 #NachoCheese

ShortStack 11 #MovieChatter

ShortStack 10 #Normandy

ShortStack 9 #SportingEvents

ShortStack 8 #NoCrocs


ShortStack 7 #Swankabate

ShortStack 6 #BeforeUber

ShortStack 5 #BingeWatching

ShortStack 4 #SuperHeroes

ShortStack 3 #Racoons

ShortStack 2 #PepTalks and #Cubbies

ShortStack 1 #Dinasours and #MichaelCrichton

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