Short Stack 25 Mascots, Music and Injuries

A Bull, a Raptor and a Disappointment Panda all walk into a bar….. As with most of our Short Stacks, this is 17+ minutes of pure fun! Thanks to the folks at Pod Decks for the stimulating questions! Listen as Drew, Tanner, and Andy revert back to our shenanigans answering some questions about Mascots, Songs, […]

Clinical Grind 13 Pediatric Fever

Post by Spencer Willette, OMS-III One of the great aspects of practicing emergency medicine is having the privilege to care for all types of patients, including our pediatric population. Regardless of what emergency department you work in, pediatric patients will find their way to your department and it will be up to you to comfort […]

Episode 103 EM and Public Health

Post by Rick Dasilva In this episode of EM Over Easy we are coming from the ACOEP 2021 spring seminar with our hosts Andy, John and Drew with our special guest Rick Pescatore. Our hosts in this episode discussed why EM physicians are the most adapted for public health in regards to their skill set, […]