Episode 9: #PediatricPearls

This episode starts with a short discussion about the music each host listens to while on shift. Drew, Tanner and Andy all train at a large community hospital that sees a lot of pediatric patients.¬†They discuss some nuances on how they approach the various pediatric complaints and presentations. Key Points: Place the patient in your […]

Episode 8: #DealingWithConsultants

For this episode Drew, Tanner and Andy are ALL back together again for the first time in a few episodes and are joined by none other than @PesosEM, Dr. Juan Morales-Torres. They discuss the complex issue of how to deal with consultants; relaying the information of WHY you need their help and other general “Rules […]

Episode 7: #TreatBeforeYouStreet

While at the ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. Drew, Andy and special guest John Casey have the 1st of 2 discussions about the opioid epidemic. They discuss their feelings and concerns about the current state of EM in regards to the #OpioidEpidemic This is an episode where we WANT your feedback!! Please […]

Episode 6: #TipsForNewDocs

With there being a large #TipsForNewDocs movement on social media over the past year, Drew, Tanner and Andy felt it would be great if each of us gave out #1 Tip. They even got the advice from the one and only John Casey. This episode is a splice of two separate recording episodes discussing this […]