For this episode Drew, Tanner and Andy are ALL back together again for the first time in a few episodes and are joined by none other than @PesosEM, Dr. Juan Morales-Torres. They discuss the complex issue of how to deal with consultants; relaying the information of WHY you need their help and other general “Rules of Engagement”. This episode is designed to allow listeners to know that they are not alone in having to handle the occasional grumpy consultant, a few ideas of ways to improve your discussions and overall reassurance that if they are advocating for their patients it will ALL be good.

Episode 8: #DealingWithConsultants


Drew’s 4 Rules of Engagement with Consultants:

  1. Be courteous/Conversational
  2. Never escalate the situation
  3. Don’t be apologetic for calling your consultant
  4. Don’t downplay why you’re calling your consultants


Resources to go along with this Episode:

Tribalism in Medicine with Dr. Victoria Brazil:

Tribalism in Medicine


ALiEM MEdIC Series:

Episode 8: #DealingWithConsultants

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