This episode starts with a short discussion about the music each host listens to while on shift. Drew, Tanner and Andy all train at a large community hospital that sees a lot of pediatric patients. They discuss some nuances on how they approach the various pediatric complaints and presentations.

Key Points:

  1. Place the patient in your Sick/Not Sick pathways early.
  2. Build a relationship with the patients parents/guardians/support system.
  3. If they are sick act accordingly and do so quickly. Whether this be prompt testing, transfer or admission.
  4. If they are able to go home with no further intervention, spend your time complimenting the parents on what they have/are already doing right and educate them on other supportive therapies they can try prior to following up with their pediatrician.


Episode 9 #PediatricPearls


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Episode 9: #PediatricPearls

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