Episode 27 #NursingCommunication2

This is the second part of the conversation found in Episode 25 #NursingCommunication Part 1. Drew and Andy are joined by good friends of the Podcast Cameron Hanson (from the ED Crash Cart Podcast) and Geoff Comp (EM Resident, Wilderness Medicine Boss and Awesome Dude), talking about areas where physician/nurse communication can improve.   Episode […]

Thanksgiving Special #Thankful

We HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Here at EM Over Easy are HUGE fans of Thanksgiving (it is even Drew’s favorite Holiday). We wanted to take this chance to let our listeners know what we are thankful for this year, in hopes that those who listen will take time to reflect and be thankful as well. So take […]

Episode 26 #NoDressRehearsal

We had the AWESOME opportunity to sit down with Kevin Klauer, DO EJD. This was a “Getting to know you” session where we learned a little more about how Kevin stays so energized, when he discovered his career path, why he chose his professional path and much more…   Episode 26 #NoDressRehearsal   Kevin’s Favorite […]

Episode 25 #NursingCommunication Part 1

Drew and Andy are joined by two of our good friends Geoff Comp and Cameron Hansen (Creator and Talent for the┬áThe Nursing Crash Cart Blog and Podcast) to discuss something vital to the function and flow of Emergency Medicine; communicating well with nurses. The episode starts with Andy losing his Man Card for watching #RomComs […]