Episode 16: #Wellness

For this episode we (Drew, Tanner and Andy) are joined by none other than our illustrious program director Bill Fraser. We spend our time discussing “How do you stay well?” and other wellness related topics. Listen as we all talk about our takes on Wellness. Episode 16: #Wellness   Take Aways: Wellness is a personalized […]

Episode 15: #Communication

We all know that communication is a KEY ingredient into making any team work effectively. As a follow-up to Episode 14 #BrandBuilding, Drew and Andy discuss some ways to communicate effectively, not only with fellow staff members, but also patients and family members. Also if you want to check out the effectiveness of a communication […]

Episode 14: #BrandBuilding

Whether you realize it or not every time you step into your ED you are building your brand. It is affected by the way you talk, walk, and act. It is something that you don’t think about on a regular basis, but it is something you should. This episode has Drew, Tanner and Andy back […]