Whether you realize it or not every time you step into your ED you are building your brand. It is affected by the way you talk, walk, and act. It is something that you don’t think about on a regular basis, but it is something you should. This episode has Drew, Tanner and Andy back together discussing their take on ways you can build your brand.

Episode 14: #BrandBuilding

Top Take Aways:

  1. Your brand is something YOU can control.
  2. It is a fluid thing that can change. Know that although it can take a hit instantly, it can be improved but it takes 6-12 months to do so.
  3. Create your own “Board of Directors”. Make sure it includes people from the different facets of your life (i.e. Parents, Siblings, High School/College Friends, Fellow Residents, Nursing, etc.)
  4. Learn to embrace your role as a team leader (a Captain of your Ship as Drew would say) and that includes knowing your team members plat a HUGE role in your success.
  5. Acknowledge your team members (get to know them, congratulate them, etc.)
  6. Check in on your brand from time to time



  1. Top 10 Secrets to Success as an Emergency Medicine Residenthttps://www.aliem.com/2016/top-10-success-resident/


Episode 14: #BrandBuilding

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