Clinical Grind 5 #ComfortCare

The majority of the time EM physician spend with patients it is ALL about prolonging life. Whether its treating a patients infection with antibiotics, replacing electrolytes or performing ACLS when a patients goes into cardiac arrest, we live to save and prolong life. What happens when you are asked to help facilitate a patients passing? […]

Trivia and Toast Episode 1

In a nice change up, the fellas got together and decided to host a gameshow-esque episode based off of some simple trivia. The EMOE crew sat down with three guest contestants to be quizzed on some medical trivia, and boy was it fun! The concept essentially is each contestant quizzed us on some piece of […]

Episode 49 #Balance

While attending the ACOEP Scientific Assembly this past November, Andy had the opportunity to record this episode with guest host John Casey and alongside guests K Kay Moody, and Stephanie Davis. They talked about how these two dynamic women have been able to find balance in their lives. Whether its seeing patients in the ED, […]

Episode 48 #ThreeBeardsAndaBaby

Hello, 2018!! To start the year off, we bring you an episode where Andy had the chance to sit down with 3 previous guests John Casey, Travis Ulmer and Salim Rezaie while attending the ACOEP Scientific Assembly in Denver Colorado. This dynamic group of bearded men and Andy decided to tackle the topic of Delivering […]

2017 In Review

Over the past year we have been fortunate to be able to share our voice with thousands of people around the globe. In 2017 we changed the way we record, tried new content including the Clinical Grind series, how often we release episodes and with each change we have been met with a great response […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The guys are BACK with their 2nd Annual Holiday Gift guide! Last year this was a surprising hit with the “listenees” (as Andy so dearly refers to them), so we are bringing it back and better than ever! We cover some of last year’s favorites, and then add in some new items for that emergency […]

Episode 47 #FundamentalAttributionError

Your working overnight and a person with a Runny Nose/Sore Throat checks in to be seen, you immediately think “Why is this person here?” Is this the right way to think? Drew, Tanner and Andy sit down with their good friend John Casey and discuss an important psychological construct understanding Fundamental Attribution Errors and how […]