#WhyEM Part 4

Tanner and Drew are back at home base (DK Diner) and had a chance to sit down with residents and previous guests Geoff Comp and Jacob Smith to discuss #WhyEM. Listen as they share stories, laughs and fun!   #WhyEM

#WhyEM Part 3

Here is Part 3 of our #WhyEM series. Listen as Andy sits down with Stephanie Davis, Chris Colbert, and recurrent guest John Casey¬†and talks¬†about why they LOVE EM. Recorded from the ACOEP’s Scientific Assembly 2017 in Denver Colorado Music: BenSound

#WhyEM Part 2

For part 2 of the #WhyEM series Andy interviews guests Anna Kalantari, Nasir Shahrestani and Angela Keuhn while attending ACOEP’s Scientific Assembly this past October in Denver, Colorado. Listen as they discuss why they love EM.   #WhyEM Part 2