Episode 24 #FamilyDoc

Drew, Tanner and Andy discuss something EVERY physician has gone through since the day they started medical school: Family and Friends seeking medical advice. This episode dives into the idea of each of us overnight becoming our “Family Doc”. Drew shares the story of helping his family deal with the death of his Step Father […]

Episode 23 #DocOnBoard

This episode has Drew, Tanner and Andy joined by their good friend and coworker Rob Lowe, MD to talk about dealing with in flight emergencies. This is something everyone over the course of there career will most likely have to be apart of. They discuss some of the ins and outs of how to respond […]

Episode 22 #MedicalStudentDos

Drew and Andy are joined by our lovely esteemed friend, mentor, our very own “Momma Leigh”. We discuss the exciting/frightening time of applying to residency. We discuss our personal experiences (Drew and Andy’s), down to the knitty gritty of the application process. Our hope is this episode helps prospective students get the most out of […]

Episode 21 #GoToAConference

Tanner and Andy are joined by their good friend Geoff Comp to discuss something that has been on our minds lately is: Why should students and EM residents go to conferences? So listen up and see why YOU should go to an EM conference? Episode 21 #GoToAConference Reasons to go: To get out of your […]