Although we believe our regular content is for ALL who work in and around the emergency department (and medicine as a whole, and well anyone who would like to listen), we wanted to go the extra mile and do something specific for the #EMBound medical students. With that in mind, we partnered with Kaitlin Bowers DO, to create Med Student Over Easy. Kaitlin’s passion for undergraduate medical education, combined with our style, and adding some of the brightest and best minds in EM, we knew this would be a great series. So what follows (and the links below) will be the Med Student Over Easy Podcast (a subset of EM Over Easy), where we reached out to experts (EM program faculty, clerkship directors, APD’s, and Program Directors) to discuss the various issues specific to medical students.


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Our Team





Kaitlin Bowers, DO FAAM

Editor in Chief, Med Students Over Easy

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine






Patricia Capone, DO

Editor, Content Creator

Emergency Medicine Resident

OhioHealth/Doctors Hospital





Laryssa Patti, MD

Guest, Content Creator

Clerkship Director

Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School






Autumn Bass, DO

Guest, Content Creator

Emergency Medicine Resident

University of South Tampa – Tampa General Hospital






Geoffrey B. Comp DO

Guest, Content Creator

Associate Program Director- Creighton UniversitySOM/Valleywise Health Medical Center (Phoenix) Emergency Medicine Residency

Assistant Professor- Health Sciences Associated Faculty Creighton University School of Medicine





Katie Holmes, DO FACEP

Guest, Content Creator

John Peter Smith

Department of Emergency Medicine

Clerkship Director






Casey McGillicuddy, MD, MPH

Guest/Content Creator

Emergency Medicine Resident/Chief Resident

AdventHealth East Orlando






Guest/Content Creator

Clerkship Director, Medical Education Fellowship Director

Assistant Professor, Department of EM

Loma Linda University





Brian Barbas, MD

Guest/Content Creator

Associate Professor of EM, Loyola University Medical Center

Core Faculty, Loyola University Medical Center EM Residency

EMIG Faculty Advisor, Loyola University of Chicago Stritch SOM





Kristy Schwartz, MD, MPH, FACEP

Guest/Content Creator

Assistant Program Director, EM

Assistant Professor, Department of EM and Pediatrics

University of California San Diego





Meenal Sharkey, MD FACEP FAAEM

Guest/Content Creator

Clerkship Director

Assistant Program Directors

OhioHealth/Doctors Hospital Emergency Medicine






Kristen Mylcraine, DO

Guest/Content Creator

Emergency Medicine Resident

Indiana University






Kevin Tomecsek, MD

Guest/Content Creator

Clerkship Director

AdventHealth East Orlando Emergency Medicine Residency






George Willis, MD

Guest/Content Creator

Associate Program Director

UT- San Antonio Emergency Medicine Residency

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