Update on “Pet Peeves” Episode

Since the release of our episode “Pet Peeves” we have become aware that, what was meant to be a lighthearted conversation about everyday life in the ED, was interpreted by some as something quite the opposite.  Most concerning to us has been that some of our colleagues, the very people we depend on to make […]

Episode 20 #GettingThingsDone

We are very excited to have had Christopher Lloyd, on the podcast to discuss the topic of #GettingThingsDone. It is something we ALL can improve on and hopefully this podcast/episode is your “Jumping Off” point to have you begin the #GettingThingsDone philosophy in your life. Listen as Drew, Tanner, Andy and Chris talk about Chris’s […]

Episode 19: #MedicalStudentTips

During this session Drew, Tanner and Andy discuss #MedicalStudentTips. As is something we have gone through as individuals and take part in now as Chiefs and Attendings we have a few tips for the 4th year medical student looking to venture into the world of Emergency Medicine (EM). Our tips vary from on shift to […]

Episode 17: #MedEdTalk

The @EMOverEasy crew is joined again by Bill Fraser, and our new guest Geoff Comp. The group discusses their favorite breakfast meal (Meal and Restaurant) and then dive into discuss the Past, Present and foreseeable of Medical Education in relations to Emergency Medicine. You can find the link to the episode below: Episode 17: #MedEdTalk […]