Rebroadcast #StressGrowth

Listen as Drew, Tanner and Andy sit down with the one and only Anna Kalantari, DO, the new APD at Penn State Hershey’s EM Program. We start by discussing the idea of Stress Growth and delve into what the term Stress Growth is and the role it plays in our ability to grow and become […]

Rebroadcast #Mentorship

Listen as Drew and Andy sit down with a longtime friend and supporter of the Podcast, John Casey. On top of John’s many talents and responsibilities, John has served as a mentor to many folks over the years (including ALL 3 hosts of EM Over Easy). So we took this opportunity to pick John’s brain […]

Rebroadcast #FlippingYourSchedule

Ever had a hard time “flipping” from days to nights? Then listen as Drew, Tanner and Andy discuss the ways they combat flipping their schedule and give listeners tips and tricks.   Rebroadcast #FlippingYourSchedule   Other episodes we would recommend you listen to this week: Episode 49 #Balance Episode 43 #YourWorstDay Episode 16 #Wellness

Rebroadcast #NursingCommunication Part 2

Here is Part 2 of 2 of our sit down with Cameron Hansen and Geoff Comp discussion #Nursing Communication! We hope this coupled with our other episodes covering communication are beneficial!   #NursingCommunication Part 2   Would you like to be a guest host on EM Over Easy? Then please leave a comment below or email […]

Rebroadcast: #NursingCommunication Part 1

Communication may be the single most important thing you can learn to do well in medicine. This week we highlight a few of our episodes that give you tips and tricks on how to be a better communicator. This weeks rebroadcast is Episode 25 #NursingCommunication part 1, Listen as Drew and Andy are joined by […]


Drew and Andy had the pleasure to sit down with Eric Cortez, a fellow attending and friend of the podcast. We discuss an article he coauthored with Drew on the ALL Ohio EM Blog. List as they discuss 4 tips to #RockYourShift   #RockYourShift     Other Episodes to help Residents and Attending be better […]

Happy “Move Up’ Day 2018!

Hey there EM Over Easy listeners. You know what July 1 is? It’s “Move Up” day! July 1 is the day that anybody the medical system knows because it is not only a day but a right of passage. It’s the day that newly graduated physicians officially become interns. It’s the day that interns finally […]