Rebroadcast #FlippingYourSchedule

Ever had a hard time “flipping” from days to nights? Then listen as Drew, Tanner and Andy discuss the ways they combat flipping their schedule and give listeners tips and tricks.   Rebroadcast #FlippingYourSchedule   Other episodes we would recommend you listen to this week: Episode 49 #Balance Episode 43 #YourWorstDay Episode 16 #Wellness

Rebroadcast #NursingCommunication Part 2

Here is Part 2 of 2 of our sit down with Cameron Hansen and Geoff Comp discussion #Nursing Communication! We hope this coupled with our other episodes covering communication are beneficial!   #NursingCommunication Part 2   Would you like to be a guest host on EM Over Easy? Then please leave a comment below or email […]

Rebroadcast: #NursingCommunication Part 1

Communication may be the single most important thing you can learn to do well in medicine. This week we highlight a few of our episodes that give you tips and tricks on how to be a better communicator. This weeks rebroadcast is Episode 25 #NursingCommunication part 1, Listen as Drew and Andy are joined by […]


Drew and Andy had the pleasure to sit down with Eric Cortez, a fellow attending and friend of the podcast. We discuss an article he coauthored with Drew on the ALL Ohio EM Blog. List as they discuss 4 tips to #RockYourShift   #RockYourShift     Other Episodes to help Residents and Attending be better […]

Happy “Move Up’ Day 2018!

Hey there EM Over Easy listeners. You know what July 1 is? It’s “Move Up” day! July 1 is the day that anybody the medical system knows because it is not only a day but a right of passage. It’s the day that newly graduated physicians officially become interns. It’s the day that interns finally […]

#WhyEM Part 5

If you haven’t like the first 4 parts of the #WhyEM series you are bound to like part 5. Listen as Andy and guest Co-host John Casey discuss #WhyEM wit Nilantha Lenora and Jestin Carlson.   #WhyEM Part 5:   Would you like to be a featured guest on a future EM Over Easy episode? […]

#WhyEM Part 4

Tanner and Drew are back at home base (DK Diner) and had a chance to sit down with residents and previous guests Geoff Comp and Jacob Smith to discuss #WhyEM. Listen as they share stories, laughs and fun!   #WhyEM Part 4   Would you like to be a featured guest on a future EM […]