Episode 53 #TheOtherInboxZero

Listen as Drew and Andy discuss the “Other Inbox Zero” with the famed Tarlan Hedayati, APD at the renowned Cook County EM program in Chicago. Thanks to the ACOEP who allowed us to record at their Spring Seminar in San Diego California. Music: BenSound   Episode 53 #TheOtherInboxZero   Would you like to be on […]

Episode 52 #StressGrowth

Listen as Drew, Tanner and Andy sit down with the one and only Anna Kalantari, DO, the new APD at Penn State Hershey’s EM Program. We start by discussing the idea of Stress Growth and delve into what the term Stress Growth is and the role it plays in our ability to grow and become […]

Episode 51 #CallToAction

Tanner and Andy had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Representative Robert Cupp (R) Ohio and Advocacy. We discuss a bill he has authored (Ohio HB 7), why we as physicians should get involved in advocacy, and finally we discuss Anthems plan to deny coverage for ED visits. So listen up and get […]

Episode 50 – #CognitiveOverload

Andy, Drew, and Tanner sit down to talk about another impactful but rarely discussed¬†#MoreThanMedicine¬†topic of cognitive overload. Learn WHY we feel so mentally drained after a long shift, and start the process to fixing it!  

Clinical Grind 5 #ComfortCare

The majority of the time EM physician spend with patients it is ALL about prolonging life. Whether its treating a patients infection with antibiotics, replacing electrolytes or performing ACLS when a patients goes into cardiac arrest, we live to save and prolong life. What happens when you are asked to help facilitate a patients passing? […]

Trivia and Toast Episode 1

In a nice change up, the fellas got together and decided to host a gameshow-esque episode based off of some simple trivia. The EMOE crew sat down with three guest contestants to be quizzed on some medical trivia, and boy was it fun! The concept essentially is each contestant quizzed us on some piece of […]

Episode 49 #Balance

While attending the ACOEP Scientific Assembly this past November, Andy had the opportunity to record this episode with guest host John Casey and alongside guests K Kay Moody, and Stephanie Davis. They talked about how these two dynamic women have been able to find balance in their lives. Whether its seeing patients in the ED, […]