Episode 44 #Visualization

Visualization is something that is well accepted in the professional and collegiate sports realms and has been in use for some time. It is considered vital to both performance and longevity when applied to play. How can we as physicians use this tool to make us better providers? Drew and Andy are joined by their […]

Special Episode – OhioACEP EM Forum 2017

The EM Over Easy crew was invited by OhioACEP to attend their 2017 EM Forum. Honestly, we weren’t exactly sure what we were getting ourselves into but we were definitely excited to get involved! After thinking through some different approaches to this new venue/event, we took our portable recording studio to the Ohio state capital […]

EM Over Episode 43 #YourWorstDay

This episode took a long time to come together, not only because its hard to sometimes admit that as physicians we have “Bad Days”, but also the question was; How to articulate the message? After some vetting Andy brought this tough discussion to the breakfast table. Listen as the crew is joined by their good […]

Episode 42 EMDoc’s

  After a short recess to the fun at EM Over Easy (which included two kids, two residency graduations and some vacations) we are happy to be back! We had a great opportunity to sit down with the Founder of EMDoc’s (a Facebook Page with over 14,000 Members WorldWide) K Kay Moody, DO and discuss […]

#NewYearNewDocs Intern Bootcamp 2017

Hey there EMOverEasy listeners! ┬áIts July, while we hope that means summer vacations, back yard BBQs, fireworks and more, for many of us in the medical world it also means… Amidst the hustle and bustle of graduation and seniors fleeing the nest to care for patients all on their own, somewhere under the undergrowth the […]

Episode 40 #WillSanderson

This is a sit down we had with the one and only Will Sanderson. We had a LOT of fun sitting down with Will and putting this episode together and hope everyone of you enjoy it. Listen as we talk with Will about how he went from being a Canadian Actor to a dynamic and […]

Clinical Grind 2 #TheConsultant

Drew, Tanner and Andy return for the 2nd Clinical Grind (after a really good reception to the first round). We’ve all had that case that rapidly deteriorates once they arrive, where you have to “ramp up” your care. This case is one of those cases, with an added twist. On top of there being a […]