Episode 40 #WillSanderson

This is a sit down we had with the one and only Will Sanderson. We had a LOT of fun sitting down with Will and putting this episode together and hope everyone of you enjoy it. Listen as we talk with Will about how he went from being a Canadian Actor to a dynamic and […]

Clinical Grind 2 #TheConsultant

Drew, Tanner and Andy return for the 2nd Clinical Grind (after a really good reception to the first round). We’ve all had that case that rapidly deteriorates once they arrive, where you have to “ramp up” your care. This case is one of those cases, with an added twist. On top of there being a […]

New Release Schedule Starting June 2017

We at EM Over Easy Love what we do! Over the past year we have come to know what works and what does not. Since attending the podcasting course and in preparation for one of our hosts moving from central Ohio (tear!) we have decided to change the way and schedule with which we release […]

Clinical Grind – Pilot Episode

The crew decided to go a little crazy and dive a little deeper into the clinical side of things. While we this won’t be your typical guide to EBM, it will go over clinical scenarios and how we handled them or wish we handled them. Strap on your coffee drinking boots, as EMoverEasy get’s a […]

Episode 39 #AfterTheEndZone

For this episode Drew, Tanner and Andy are joined by a good friend Simon Fraser, DO. Simon is currently a Surgical Resident in Columbus, but his story starts long before then. He was a member of a Ohio State Championship Football team, a member of the 2003 BCS National Championship Ohio State Buckeyes and spent […]

Episode 38 #Reflections

Its been 1 year since we recorded our first episode and a little over a year since we came up with this CRAZY idea we call EM Over Easy!! Drew, Tanner and Andy took the time to sit down and reflect on the past year, where they started (with one of Andy’s WILD Idea’s) to […]

Episode 37 #Mentorship

This was a chance for Drew and Andy to catch up with a longtime friend and supporter of the Podcast, John Casey. On top of John’s many talents and responsibilities, John has also served as a mentor to many (including ALL 3 hosts of EM Over Easy). So we took this opportunity to pick John’s […]