In this episode of Med Student Over Easy, our host Dr. Little is joined by Molly Estes, Alexis Pelletier-Bui, and Liz Werley to discuss ERAS updates for the upcoming 2023 application cycle.

Program Signaling
  • To help applicants be seen earlier on by a program in the application process and to help programs find applicants who are interested
  • Found to double interview yield at programs they are signaling
  • Going from 5 signals to 7 this year and advised to signal home and away programs if they are in your top 7
Geographic Preferences
  • Can choose up to 3 divisions
    • Can explain why
  • Can choose not to have a geographic preference
  • Can choose setting preference: rural, suburban, or urban
    • Can explain why you want this area
    • If the program is not in the section you said you prefer, the program will not see your preference
Experience Section
  • In the past, no limit but this year will be limited to 10
    • Can label a top 3
  • Impactful experience essay
    • Can explain challenging or out-of-the-ordinary experiences that maybe made it more difficult to get through medical school
    • Examples: sick family member you had to take care of, financial difficulties, you were a 1st generation college student, etc.
    • optional section
  • Removal of hobbies section so will have to add them to the experience section
    • Only add if you spend a significant amount of time and truly enjoy
  • Character count of 1020 but 1320 for your top three
Tips for Applying These Changes
  • Be honest
    • Send a signal if you are interested in a program and be truthful about if you have geographic location preference or not
  • Don’t try to game the system. Be true to what you want and not try to apply based on strategy
  • Try to paint a picture of yourself as an applicant
  • Check out EMRA and CORD student advising guide and advising students committee supplemental applications guide

Post by Shannon Caliri, DO  PGY3

About Our Guests:

Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD
Associate Program Director and EM Subspecialty Advisor, Cooper Medical School of Rowan University – Cooper University Hospital

Liz Werley, MD
Former Program Director and Core Faculty, Penn State Health – Hershey Medical Center

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