For this episode, we are joined by Meenal Sharkey, Brian Barbas, Kristy Schwartz, and Alexis Pelletier-Bui to discuss something new for this year’s EM application cycle; program signaling.


So, what is Program Signaling?

It is a process that will be available for applicants for the upcoming EM application cycle, is the ability of an applicant to choose five programs to send a signal or a token to during the initial application. These signals will be received by programs to inform them of applicants who are very interested in their program.


When does Program Signaling happen?

It is a part of the initial EM application, allowing programs to use it in determining who will be invited to interviews. It is not available and cannot be used after the interview invitation and is to have no bearing on where programs rank applicants after the interview process is complete.


Why is this happening?

The workgroup for program signaling has been meeting for years to find a way to clean up the current application process and tackle issues around over applications, over-interviewing, etc. The workgroup presented their findings and announced the plan for program signaling at CORD Academic Assembly in San Diego this past spring.


What are some tips on how to best do Program Signaling?

  1. Use ALL five of your signals.
  2. Meet with your Mentor/Advisor to discuss how to best use your signals
  3. Be honest with yourself on where to use the five signals
  4. Don’t try to “play a game” with your signals. That only hurts you


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