Episode 13: #TeachingRox

I’ll be honest, this one is riddled with some random technical issues, but the pure teaching gold that Drew and I (Tanner) talked about this time is worth it. We attempted to record without Andy – our true technical magician – for the first time. You may notice that I get the left ear and […]

Episode 12: #Pseudoseizures

Here Drew, Tanner and Andy are joined by none other than the infamous John Casey. We discuss the ever difficult patient who presents with “Pseudo Seizures” and how each of us go about handling these patients. Episode 12: #Pseudoseizures   Take Home Points: Treat the patient accordingly (regular seizure stuff; ABC, padded bed, etc.) Try […]

Episode 11: #NewGrad

It’s that time of year where torches are passed on, and everyone is talking about the new interns or new responsibilities. Here at EM Over Easy we had a transition of our own, where one of our co-hosts Andy finished his residency program and is getting ready to start the journey of being an attending. […]

Episode 10: #SophomoreSlump

One of the KEY parts of residency is the “Middle years”. Its a time when many residents are at risk for both getting “to big for their britches” and also where they may get knocked off a healthy trajectory towards graduation and a healthy EM career. Yet, everywhere you look there is advice for interns […]