Here Drew, Tanner and Andy are joined by none other than the infamous John Casey. We discuss the ever difficult patient who presents with “Pseudo Seizures” and how each of us go about handling these patients.

Episode 12: #Pseudoseizures


Take Home Points:

  1. Treat the patient accordingly (regular seizure stuff; ABC, padded bed, etc.)
  2. Try and figure out the patients surroundings (who’s in the room with you a spouse, parent, friend, etc.)
  3. Try and elicit information from the patient (if NOT pseudoseizing) or from others in the room, as to what exactly is going on prior to their episodes.
  4. Remember patients with Pseudoseizures can have real seizures and visa versa.
  5. Once you are sure (pretty sure) it is a Pseudoseizure then treat accordingly (support).
  6. Remember Pseudoseizures can be presentations of a vast number of issues including uncontrolled depression, anxiety, pain, etc.



It was mentioned by John about this idea of “Tap Dancing on the Glabella” and to help clarify this we’ve included the image below. To help subside a Psuedoseziure you can “Tap” a rhythm over this area, it is pretty fool proof….Glabella.jpg


Episode 12: #Pseudoseizures

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