Take a second to think back to when you were applying for residency. You’re in your 3rd or 4th year of medical school. What do you know now that you wish you would’ve known back then? In this episode, our Med Student Over Easy team is joined by two awesome guests, Geoff Comp, DO, and Cameron Meyer, DO to discuss what they wish they would’ve known about EM and tips for succeeding in medical school.

Go to medical conferences early:

It’s a great way to meet program directors and other mentors who are excited about you becoming an EM doc. It is a great way to learn more about the specialty and different programs.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions:

We were all in your shoes at one point and this is the best way to continue learning

Shadow/rotate in different practice settings and with different specialties:

When you have the opportunity to choose your rotations, try to choose some that will be an investment in your future. While electives can also be a time for an easier schedule, which is also important, try to find a way to relate all of your electives to your practice of EM. As EM physicians, we interact with many other specialties and have to communicate with them. It is very beneficial to learn how they manage patients, what they would want done before you consult, and what eventually you may feel comfortable doing on your own without a consult. Additionally, rotating at a mix of large academic centers and some smaller community-based programs can give you an idea of where you might fit best.

Pros and cons of emergency medicine:
  • Pros
    • The people we get to work with are great
    • There is a great team dynamic in the ED
    • As a specialty, we value work-life integration and have very flexible schedules that can change based on our current lifestyle needs
    • The shift work can be nice because when you are off, you are off
  • Cons
    • At times EM is stressful due to hard cases and the breadth of knowledge we have to know about a wide variety of pathology.
      • However, this can also be a positive for some as this pushes us to continue learning and some enjoy the challenge of these cases
What additional responsibilities will you have as an ER attending?

We have to be good at communicating. We talk with a lot of different specialists and patients as well. We are one of the only specialties that routinely interacts with almost every other specialty. It is a skill few other specialties have to have.

Pick a residency program for you and your family:

Most people do not care where you went to medical school or did your residency training. So, you should pick programs where you think you will fit in best and where you can succeed. Consider location, program feel, family support nearby, etc. Most places that interview you after residency really just care that you are board-certified/eligible and are a good/normal person.

Lastly, enjoy your 4th year.  Rest and recharge. Make sure to celebrate your wins, as they happen and hold onto them.

Take Homes:
  1. Don’t be afraid to be wrong or to ask questions
  2. Rotate at different places and with different specialties to diversify your learning
  3. We love our jobs, despite some days being more difficult than others
  4. We love the people we get to work with and being on a team

Post by Shannon Caliri, DO PGY-3

About Our Guests

Geoff Comp, DO

Academic/Community Title: Assistant Program Director, Creighton University School of Medicine/Maricopa Medical Center (Phoenix) Emergency Medicine Residency

Cameron Meyer, DO

Community Medicine Doctor in Utah and Clinical Faculty at Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine

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What We Wish We Would Have Known – Med Student Over Easy

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