We are very excited to have had Christopher Lloyd, on the podcast to discuss the topic of #GettingThingsDone. It is something we ALL can improve on and hopefully this podcast/episode is your “Jumping Off” point to have you begin the #GettingThingsDone philosophy in your life. Listen as Drew, Tanner, Andy and Chris talk about Chris’s “First 5” tips to #GTD…


Episode 20: #GettingThingsDone


Chris’s First 5 Tips to Get Things Done:

  1. Be aware of how much we ALL try to keep in your head
  2. Develop a “Collecting System” for your thoughts
  3. Make things make sense to YOU!!
  4. Perform Weekly/Monthly Reviews of your GTD lists/goals
  5. Check 3 things off per Day and remember it is OK to fail




Episode 20: #GettingThingsDone

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