11666140_10153501873043413_6167550420929736773_nTanner and Andy are joined by their good friend Geoff Comp to discuss something that has been on our minds lately is: Why should students and EM residents go to conferences? So listen up and see why YOU should go to an EM conference?

Episode 21: #GoToAConference

Reasons to go:

  1. To get out of your “Bubble” (there is a whole wide world of EM outside of where you train and where you go to medical school).
  2. You will be rejuvenated to continue down the path of EM
  3. You will meet people just like you!!
  4. You will get exposure to career opportunities you wont find in your “Bubble” (Residencies, Fellowships, Jobs, etc.)
  5. You will travel to places  you would otherwise not go.
  6. You will meet people who will literally change your life for the better!! (The hosts of EM Over Easy met at a conference, and see where we have gone)

Conferences We Attend:

Episode 21: #GoToAConference

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