With there being a large #TipsForNewDocs movement on social media over the past year, Drew, Tanner and Andy felt it would be great if each of us gave out #1 Tip. They even got the advice from the one and only John Casey. This episode is a splice of two separate recording episodes discussing this topic. We hope incoming interns enjoy the following tips:

Drews Tip:

  • Do Not worry about being an intern. Enjoy your last month of freedom as with July 1st comes a lot of work and a lot of responsibility.

Johns Tip:

  • Pick a pair of jeans you would like to always fit in a put them on weekly. This will be a weekly reminder of your bodies attempt to grow on you, as intern year rolls on.

Tanners Tip

  • Its OK to be not know everything, and to not be able to do everything. Rely on your seniors, they are there to Help you.

Andys Tip:

  • Your intern year will set the tone for the rest of your training and the rest of your career. So find a way to be happy about your schedule, the free time you do have and find a way to be ok with your new career of Emergency Medicine where we are open 24/7/365.


Although this is in NO WAY and all inclusive list, we feel these represent some of the atypical #TipsForNewDocs that you wont hear in mainstream lectures, papers and other resources.

Episode 6: #TipsForNewDocs


For a larger more inclusive list of all of the #TipsForNewDocs visit the link below:



Episode 6: #TipsForNewDocs

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