2017 In Review

Over the past year we have been fortunate to be able to share our voice with thousands of people around the globe. In 2017 we changed the way we record, tried new content including the Clinical Grind series, how often we release episodes and with each change we have been met with a great response from our fans and listeners. We have been privileged to have incredible conversations with special guests that include: Salim Rezaie, Will Sanderson, Anand Swaminathan, Michael Weinstock, K Kay Moody, Rob Rodgers, Ashley Liebig, John Casey, Travis Ulmer, Simon Fraser, Andrew Pacitti, Geoff Comp and Rachel Munn, just to name a few. We’ve recorded across america (Columbus OH, Lexington KY, Washington DC, Denver CO), at both Ohio/National ACEP and ACOEP and even in Mexico. As 2017 comes to a close, as it already has for many of you, we want to say THANK YOU for all that you have done for us over the past year. Tanner, Drew and Andy look forward to a successful 2018 where we will continue to bringing the #MoreThanMedicine conversation to each of our current and future listeners with even more voices that before!




Pictures from the past year:


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