The Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) is upon us and the guys from EM Over Easy are facing it head on.  In this episode, Andy, Tanner and Drew discuss what the first week on the front line has been like, let our emotions flow a bit and talk about COVID-19 in a way that we hope brings our listeners to the front lines with us and for those that are already there, to know they are not alone.  Just like you all, we are anxious.

The EM Over Easy Crew is going to post periodic episodes about what we are dealing with at home and in the ED.

This is the Real Deal

We all feel that this is the read deal and have already seen some very sick patients from COVID-19, but its just the tip of the iceberg.  One of the things we are all struggling with is knowing the storm is just beginning but not knowing what exactly it will look like.  While we have some insight as to what to expect, there is just not enough data to make any predictions other than there will be many, many people infected.

This is a great article explaining why we cant predict what the COVID-19 pandemic will look like in the U.S.

What we do know is that #SocialDistancing and these other seemingly draconian measures will help.  In Ohio, where Andy and Drew live and Tanner works, has taken significant steps to slow the spread of the virus by closing schools, banning large gatherings and closing restaurants, bars, barbershops and even the BMV.  This has upended life for just about everybody but the hope is that we can make a huge impact on the severity of the pandemic.



A big part of the problem and why it’s so important to #FlattentheCurve is to contain the pandemic in a manner that that doesn’t break the counties medical system.  The U.S. healthcare system simply does not have the capacity to handle the possible influx of critically ill patients from COVID-19, certainly not is the patients all come in at the same time.  This article from the Washington Post does a great job explaining how viruses like COVID-19 spread under different social conditions.

What More Can You Do?

The most important thing we can all try to do is to stay healthy.  If you are sick, stay home ad if you aren’t sick, you should probably stay home to stay any way.  For those of us who can’t stay home, we need the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep us and our patients safe.

Please consider supporting both the Stand with ACEP movement by contacting Congress and encourage them to prioritize providing front line workers with the PPE they need and this petition about what should be considered proper protection.

Also, don’t forget to thank the people that allow us to have some semblance of normalcy during this trying time; those working at the grocery stores, the restaurants staying open to provide carryout and delivery and so many more deserve our appreciation and support.

We Can do This!

We know the next few weeks and months will be tough but with effort and sacrifice, we can weather this storm.  There is so much good out there, even at times like this and this sums it up.

Until we talk again, wash those hands, cover your cough, keep a safe distance and please reach-out to us about how you are doing.



EMOE takes on COVID-19

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    Hi guys. I work in healthcare in Columbus also. A statement made to me about “flattening out the curve” has made me question my interpretation. Please correct me if I am wrong. I believe in “flattening out the curve” means that, basically, we will not have as many severe cases/deaths with or social distancing, hand washing, etc. where as the comment made to me was they thought that we would still have it, severe, but just for a longer period of time…. I would love to hear your comments please. Keep up the amazing job you guys are doing!!! We support you on the frontline!! Many prayers for you all!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️


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