The majority of the time EM physician spend with patients it is ALL about prolonging life. Whether its treating a patients infection with antibiotics, replacing electrolytes or performing ACLS when a patients goes into cardiac arrest, we live to save and prolong life. What happens when you are asked to help facilitate a patients passing? This case goes through the emotions, thoughts and actions on how to go about just that.

Listen as Drew, Tanner and Andy discuss a case that each of us will one day have and how they would have and did handle it.


EM Over Easy Clinical Grind 5 #ComfortCare


A big thanks to ALL EM providers on doing what you do best, giving the best care possible to your patients. We hope you enjoy this episode and PLEASE comment below if you have suggestions, anecdotes or any other things to say about the episode.

Clinical Grind 5 #ComfortCare

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