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In a nice change up, the fellas got together and decided to host a gameshow-esque episode based off of some simple trivia. The EMOE crew sat down with three guest contestants to be quizzed on some medical trivia, and boy was it fun!

The concept essentially is each contestant quizzed us on some piece of medical trivia. Two of the EMOE hosts acted as the quiz takers, while the third host played Ruler of Honesty as a live fact checker.

Our guests for this episode were three 3rd Year EM residents, and I can honestly say they rocked it! Some great trivia and fun facts about the medical field, both current and historical events!

Check it out and listen to the episode, and then make sure to vote for the WINNER here on Twitter or submit a comment on Facebook or the blog!


Show notes will be included below, but be warned, this will have SPOILERS so dont read further unless you have already listened to the episode!






Show Notes




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