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If you were to think about connecting with medical education and mentoring opportunities, you may not immediately think of Twitter as a productive medium. However, over the last few years there is something really dynamic occurring within the medical community on this social media platform.

In a world where geographic boundaries are removed, Twitter poses an incredible opportunity for engagement between medical professionals and those that aspire to be one themselves. We often think of separating our personal and professional lives, but through Twitter, we can use a social interface to interact professionally with others. Medical education and mentorship can amplify through this platform.


How to benefit from Twitter:

Be transparent. In order to connect with others, it takes a degree of vulnerability. In your “bio section” reveal who you are, your associated institution, level of training, hobbies, interests, goals etc. A little bit of exposure allows others to take a step into your world. Where there’s common ground, there’s a chance for a fruitful and productive relationship for both a mentor and mentee.

Follow those that inspire you. Develop a network of people that produce content that add value to your life. Their stories alone can provide mentorship. Look for those that have valid, positive, and constructive thoughts.

Reach out. Twitter is a great platform to reach out to others if you have a question or are seeking out a particular individual’s input. The “direct message” feature can set the stage for future communication through email, phone or zoom call. This opens up the door of opportunity. Wayne Gretzky famously said “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, right? Don’t be disappointed if you reach out and don’t hear back from someone. Take chances. You never know where it may lead.

All in all, Twitter utility and interactions can remarkably influence your career path, goals and successes, and can be intricately tied into your future successes.


Take home points:

  • Low effort, high reward platform
  • Don’t be disappointed in a lack of response
  • Boundaries don’t exist
  • Beneficial for both the mentee and mentor!





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Episode 99 Mentorship Through Twitter

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