Do you ever feel at fault in situations that are not in your control? Or a circumstance where you did everything correctly but had a poor outcome? In this episode, our host Andy is joined by Dr. Cazier, Dr. Dinsmore, and Dr. Morrison, founders of The Whole Physician, and hosts of their own podcast Drive Time Debrief, to discuss the tools they learned from mindset and life coach training that can help to make you a happier and healthier physician.

Life Coaching and Emergency Medicine
  • The Whole Physician group provides coaching from the lens of Emergency Medicine physicians who have had similar experiences to others in EM.
  • Holistic approach that incorporates life coaching and Emergency Medicine
    • Understanding that if a mistake is made, it does not take away from our value
    • Learning tools to not punish ourselves for bad outcomes
    • Reframing how we feel about circumstances that are out of our control
  • Goal: Becoming the best version of yourself for your patients and family, but most importantly for yourself.
Having A Coach
  • Having a coach is actually required in many high-performance careers like C-suite executives and professional athletes…why not in medicine?
  • Getting help from a life coach does not have to be reported when you renew your license
  • They help by using tools to bring someone up and in the right direction
  • They help with a lack of self-awareness and self-care
  • Coaching is confidential and it’s for everyone
Take Homes:
  1. Coaching can give you the tools to work through difficult encounters in medicine, especially when so much of what we do is out of our control.
  2. Having a life coach is not only normal, but should probably be required in our field.

Post by Rick Dasilva

Our Guests:

Dr. Laura Cazier MD, Dr. Amanda Dinsmore MD, and Dr. Kendra Morrison DO

The Whole Physicians

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