First, apologies for this taking over a month to come out. But as things go it was put into the queue and this is when it is coming out. This is a conversation Andy had with our good friend John Casey after the second day at The Teaching Course NYC 16 (#TTNYC16) put on by the folks at the Teaching Institute. We cover the first two days of the course, in no specific depth (because you NEED TO GO TO The Teaching Course). We originally had hopes to recap the 3rd day, but since then Andy and John have been unable to be in the same place together to record. We plan on doing a group discussion with Andy, John and Drew (after Drew goes to The Teaching Course in Cabo in January 2017) as a true recap from both courses. If you ARE looking for an complete summary PLEASE go visit the blog by Sandra Viggers (@StarSkaterDK) found at (Links to the specific day reviews are at the bottom of the post)


Episode 30: #TeachingCourse


Pictures from #TTCNYC16IMG_8164.JPG

Ken Milne (@TheSGEM) Talking EBM with our guest John Casey as the KING of France



The NEW Learner (@ghsmjm) versus the OLD Learner (@EM_Educator)



Anton Helman (@EMCases) and Will Sanderson (@_wsand) Educating during the Podcasting breakout session.



A friend to the Podcast Salim Rezaie (@srrezaie) talking #FOAMed



The entire crew from #TTCNYC16



  1. TTCNYC16 Day 1 Review by Sandra Viggers:
  2. TTCNYC16 Day 2 Review by Sandra Viggers:


Lead in Music “Happy Rock” by BenSound


Episode 30: #TeachingCourse

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