One of the most common complaints of the emergency education world is the difficulty in on-shift teaching. Thankfully, we brought in one of the experts in this field to talk about one of his favorite “ah ha” education moments – the concept of the educational alliance. Dr. Jeff Riddell has a fantastic insight on how we can cultivate a better culture of education between the teacher and the learner.

The basis for this inspiration was from these articles listed below, which is well worth a read after you listen!

The “educational alliance” as a framework for reconceptualizing feedback in medical education.

Feedback and the educational alliance: examining credibility judgements and their consequences

If you want to learn more about our awesome guest Jeff Riddell, please check out his website for quick access to contact information as well as a brief summary of who he is and what he does, or find him on the Twitterverse at @jeff_riddell.


Episode 64 – #EducationalAlliance

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