It’s that time of year again, where the calendar changes and we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Here at EM Over Easy we have had a lot of “stuff” happen this year that was worthy of reflection. From moves, kids, jobs, and life, all three of us have had quite the year. If there is one thing we all have in common though, 2018 was full of podcasts!

As a way of a yearly review, we are bringing you all a list of our favorite podcasts of the year. Some are specific episodes, others are just a podcast in general. We have chosen medical based ones as well as non-medical topics that tickle our fancy. You’ll also find our favorite picks of EMOE podcasts that are worth a first-time listen or revisit if it’s been a while.

Truly, this year on EMOE has been incredible, and we cannot thank our listeners enough for their support and continued listens. You all are what makes this fun for us!

EM Over Easy’s favorite EMOE podcasts


Episode 65 – Physician Suicide – The most important episode we have ever done.

Episode 64 – Education Alliance – Right up my alley, and Jeff is freakin awesome. He knows his stuff on education and research!

Episode 63 – Consistent Behavioral Expectations – E+R=O 

Tanner –

Episode 65 – Physician Suicide – only episode I have ever cried on, laughed on, and felt sad on within the span of 30 minutes. Worth the listen. In fact, everyone should listen to this and then reach out to their friends regardless of what they think is going on with them.

Episode 52 – Stress Growth – this is a nice change up to the casual conversation of wellness. Stress is part of our job, but how do we grow with it?

Episode 50 – Cognitive Overload – This is one of my pet project theories and loves. I think there is a lot to this topic, and if we can improve our understanding of it we can make our lives better.

Trivia and Toast Episode 1 & 2 – Most fun I have had on an episode. Number 2 was awesome because it was recorded live at the Columbus Podcast Festival.

Andy –

Clinical Grind 5 – Comfort Care – One of the most important lessons of my year.  

Episode 63 – Consistent Behavioral Expectations – E+R=O is the basis of my approach to life. Check out this episode because it rings true with almost anyone!  

Episode 60 – #RockYourShift – awesome blog post, turned podcast, turned hit!


Our top FOAMed podcasts of 2018

Drew –

EMCRIT- All in the Game: Phycology of FOAM 

EMCRIT- Episode 226 Airway Update: Bougie and Positioning 

EMCrit- Episode 230: Resuscitation Communication

Andy –

St. Emlyn’s Podcast – Five free strategies to improve your resuscitations. I loved this episode and hammering in the ways to improve your rescus. Simon Carley at #stemlynsLIVE

REBEL EM – REBEL Cast Ep58 – Would you be SHoC-ED if POCUS did not Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Undifferentiated Shock?

Emergency Medicine Cases – Tachydysrhythmias 

Tanner –

ERCAST – Las Vegas Mass Casualty – so good I listened to it twice this year. Gets my blood pumping and makes me think about the logistics of a MCI at the place I work and how we would handle it.

ERCAST – Evidenced Based Hyperkalemia – Bread and butter awesomeness with evidence to back it up

EMOE’s favorite non-Medical podcasts of 2018


Revisionist History : Divide and Conquer – This is all about the semicolon, yep thats right, grammar police in the house.

Freakonomics: Americas Hidden Duopoly – Controversial but a great episode

Freakonomics: People Arn’t Dumb, the World is Hard – The type of stuff we talk about all the time.  Don’t have to be amazing at one thing but understand and be good at a bunch.

99% Invisible: Kids Cloths: Article of Interest #1 – This episode was fascinating, especially having kids.  The podcast in general is awesome. (Tanner concurs, great episode).

Tanner –

Dr. Death series – I know, I know, it’s medical, but it’s really entertainment more than anything else. Worth the listen!

Joe Rogan Experience – #1159 – Neil deGrasse Tyson – I’m somewhat obsessed with NDT, love his sciency explanations for things.

Tim Ferriss – #324 Carl Fussman Corners Tim Ferris – I loved the original Carl Fussman interviews so this was fun, two of the best interviewers I know going toe-to-toe!

Tim Ferriss- #308 Inside out with Katie Couric 

Tim Ferriss – #301 Joe Gebbia – Co-Founder AirBnB

Gleeman and the Geek – ANY episode for the Twins Fans out there, one of my weekly listens. Fantastic baseball insight and one of the few bright spots about a team that continually teases you before crushing your soul.

Freakonomics – Americas Hidden Duopoly – I thought this was very interesting. Adds fuel to the fire of our political scene, but still thought provoking. 

Andy –

Medutopia – Amal Mattu’s Top 10 List for Interns – kind of medical but kind of not, so we will put this here

Mike Rowe – A Manly Man, A Gold Medal, and A Really Big Sea – these super short podcasts are GREAT stories. Nice changeup to your ears.



EMOE 2018 Podcast Reflections

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