While attending Medutopia’s Ikigai Conference in Lexington, Drew and Andy had the chance to sit down with Ross Fisher. Not only is he a pediatric surgeon, but he has taken his presentation game to the next level and speaks internationally helping educators around the globe change they way they teach one talk at a time. Having given talks at some of the best medical conferences around the world and being faculty for educational ┬ácourses (Medutopia, Teaching Coop, St Emlyns, etc.) it was truly a treat to chat with him and bring you our listeners this episode.


Episode 67 #PresentationsMatter



Ross’s Own Website with Podcasts, and Blog posts about how to create outstanding presentations. http://ffolliet.com/

Presentation Zen website (a good starting point). https://www.presentationzen.com/


Episode 67 #PresentationsMatter

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