Think of the most consistent companies in business, the most consistent teams in sports. Whatever makes these organizations top notch? How to they continue to perform at a high level? Maybe its something as simple as E+R=O. E+R=O is a commonly adopted principle used in sports psychology, business executives and alike. Think about a bad situation you find yourself in sometimes at work, and call that the Event (hence the E). How do YOU react? (the R) and finally, does your reaction coupled with the event lead to the outcome you wanted? (The O). Now the only one of these factors YOU have ANY control over is the R. How do we effect the R? Think about building/developing Consistent Behavioral Expectations.


Listen as Drew, Tanner and Andy discuss the topic of Consistent Behavioral Expectations and the ways to apply it in our own lives.


Episode 63 #ConsistentBehavioralExpectations




The Success Formula that Puts You in Control of Your Destiny

Episode 63 #ConsistentBehavioralExpectations

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