3 years, 36 months, 156 weeks, 1095 days, 26280 hours, you get the picture. For the past 3 years we have been blessed to be apart the #FOAMed and #MoreThanMedicine world by delivering our podcast to the masses. From our first 20 episodes on our old Mics, until now, we’ve had a ball doing what we love to do. Over this time our team has grown, not only in the fact that we’ve all enlarged our families (Drew, Tanner and Andy all welcomed children to their families over that time), we’ve all graduated from residency and are well into our first jobs out of training, but most importantly we’ve grown up and have brought our listeners on that journey with us. We have been fortunate to be so well received by our listeners and to have some truly awesome people on our show! As a way to celebrate our 3rd Birthday we wanted to share with you our favorite episodes and a short walk down memory lane.


Tanners 3 Favorite Episodes

  1. Episode 63 Consistent Behavioral Expectations
  2. Trivia and Toast Part 1
  3. Episode 14 Brand Building

Drews 3 Favorite Episodes

  1. Episode 66 Legends of EM
  2. Episode 65 Physician Suicide
  3. Episode 1 Whats in Your Pocket?

Andy’s 3 Favorite Episodes

  1. Episode 43 Your Worst Day
  2. Episode 24 Family Doc
  3. Clinical Grind 5 Comfort Care


Overall, we have had a great time recording, producing and allowing all of our listeners to take part in our Journey and we look forward to being around for many years to come!


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Three Years of EM Over Easy

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