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Drew, Tanner and Andy return for the 2nd Clinical Grind (after a really good reception to the first round). We’ve all had that case that rapidly deteriorates once they arrive, where you have to “ramp up” your care. This case is one of those cases, with an added twist. On top of there being a ramp up a consult was placed for the surgical team, after they saw the patient a consultant who was NOT asked for showed up and tried to run the show. This cases discusses the “What Would You Do?”.


Clinical Grind 2 #TheConsultant:


As always we want your FEEDBACK. If you have a case you’d like to feature in a Future episode of EM Over Easy PLEASE let us know, we would LOVE to have you on.


*** The Patient/Case have been altered from the original to conceal the patients identity.

Clinical Grind 2 #TheConsultant

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