Happy New Year Listnees!

We here at EM Over Easy really hope that 2019 was a year of growth and happiness, but we hope that 2020 will be even better. This year has been one to remember, but this podcast crew is gaining steam and charging into 2020 with some serious energy! We cannot thank you enough for spending time with us over the past year, and are excited to share what the future has to hold with you.

Below are the top 3 picks from each of your co-hosts for their favorite episodes of the year. If you haven’t listened to one of these yet, pop these episodes to the top of your queue ASAP!

Happy New Year everyone!


The EMOE Crew

Andy’s Top 3 of 2019

  1. Episode 71: Deliberate Practice – This episode was incredibly applicable to our every day lives and how we can use it both in and out of the hospital.

  2. Clinical Grind 7: The Letter – What do you do when you get a letter you weren’t expecting as a new attending, and why the heck didn’t we know about these beforehand?  Lots of pearls here as well as sage wisdom.

  3. Episode 76: Life After Residency – The crew sits down with some of their favorite new grads to discuss their individual paths after residency as well as how they chose their new adventure after schooling. What’s more to want then a view into the options available after graduation!?

Drew’s Top 3 of 2019

  1. Episode 80: Self Judgment – Brutally honest and important topic for everyone, particularly providers.  We need to be nice to ourselves first
2. Short Stack 19: Nemesis – Just a fun episode with some good insight into the three amigos.
3. Episode 78: Sponsorship – A great way to look at the advisor-mentor-sponsor spectrum.  Without all three, but particularly a sponsor, I would not be where I am today (I think we can all say that…)

Tanner’s Top 3 of 2019

  1. Episode 73 – Storytelling with the Nocturnists – this one was incredibly enjoyable to me, because when all is said in done, oftentimes the only thing we have left is a story to tell. As physicians we see and experience so much, and finding ways to convey the thoughts, emotions, and experiences we have are just as important for us to share as it is for others to hear.

  2. Episode 77 – A Change of Heart – one of the best interviews we have ever done, this episode with the infamous Alin shows us how fragile our lives can really be, and the difference between one day and the next can be life changing. My palms were sweating just listening to her experience!

  3. Episode 81 – Travel Docs – This one hits close to home for me because, well, it is me. It was an absolute blast sitting down with my fellow travel docs and talking about all things travel and the difficulties and benefits we have as the most chameleon-like of all emergency physicians.

Happy New Year 2020!

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