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What do you think of when you hear the word inclusion? At ACEP 2019, Andy and Drew chatted with Dr. Nicole Battaglioli, MD Core Faculty at Emory University to spark a discussion on that very topic.

Diversity: the characteristics that make us different from one another. This can include things like age, race, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Ensuring that your team is diverse yields the opportunity for a great environment, but doesn’t necessarily mean the team that you’ve built is inclusive.

Assimilation: an environment that encourages people to conform to the majority. A diverse workforce is a great start towards inclusion but loses its full potential due to assimilation. When individuals are expected to leave their backgrounds at the door, we are doing the team a disservice. This is why inclusion is so important.

Inclusion: a culture that ensures people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas. By promoting an inclusive team, we can increase productivity, performance and team morale. Being inclusive is something we can all work on. It takes reflection and mindfulness. One way we can be more inclusive is by getting to know the people we work with on a more human level. This helps us to recognize what our fellow team members have to offer.

Listen as the crew teases through these concepts and discusses strategies on how we can be more inclusive in the workplace and the world around us.


Episode 83 Inclusion


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Episode 83 Inclusion

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