To our EMOE listeners,

We at EM Over Easy believe strongly in social justice and equality. Whether it is Black Lives Matter, the fight for religious tolerance, gender equality, LGBTQ and beyond, we believe in practicing respect, tolerance, and acceptance.  There are few places that this is more important than in medicine, where social, economic and racial disparity can have profound affects.

The EMOE podcast has always been one about striving to be better. Our motto of #MoreThanMedicine is our way of saying that to be a good physician, leader, teacher, and human you have to work at more than just the clinical sides of medicine.

The recent events in our country have made this more apparent now than ever before in our host’s lifetime. The killing of George Floyd and other black lives is not acceptable. The disparity between race is not acceptable. Racism and white supremacy is not acceptable.

We also believe that apathy is not acceptable. This is a time to stand up and say what we believe in, listen to those who need to be heard, and act out what we believe.

We believe in treating all of our patients with the same care and respect we would give our own families, regardless of the color of their skin, how they identify, or the place where they live. We believe in working hard to ensure that every human has a fair and equitable chance at good healthcare and safety, and specifically that our black brothers and sisters get the treatment and respect they deserve both in and out of the hospital.

We are three white males who grew up not knowing what it’s like to be black. We don’t pretend to even fathom what that entails, but we are ready and willing to listen. It’s our time to learn from and embrace those who have been wronged for far too long. We promise to always have open ears and hearts for those who need a voice. We hope our listeners feel the same, and that together we can help continue to project a movement toward equality and safety.

While we have promoted many ideas and concepts that help push social justice, equality, and civil righteousness, we KNOW we can do better.




To be the best humans we can be – to practice the #MoreThanMedicine mindset – we need to acknowledge that we have not done enough in this realm and that there is much more to do. No one, no matter how good they may feel they are as a person, is perfect. We all have blind spots. We all have fault lines and breaking points. Please join us in the quest to BE BETTER.

Part of our first steps we personally will be taking is to dedicate the summer to topics we think will help continue the conversation of Black Lives Matter and social justice. We will start with recapping our favorite episodes that we feel embrace this movement. Subsequently, we are going to actively seek out opportunities to create new content and ideas that will help us personally explore these issues directly. Between our podcast episodes and newsletter content, be on the lookout for ways that we can all be better to one another. It is our sincere hope that we can help move this discussion forward by facing bias, inclusion, diversity and more head on.

Please check out these episodes below as we rebroadcast them throughout the month of July.

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We do have one request. If you have an idea for an episode on a topic of social justice, or something you want us to directly cover, PLEASE reach out to us. Email us at or shoot us a message on Twitter @emovereasy.

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