4 years, 48 months, 208 weeks, 1460 days, you get the picture. This past weekend we celebrated the EM Over Easy Podcast turning 4 years old. What started out as Drew, Tanner, and Andy meeting at a local diner after night shifts has blossomed to what it is today. Over that time we have published over 100 episodes,  have dozens of guests, recorded at numerous conferences around the world and it continues to grow. Along the way we have been fortunate to find our voice, our listeners, and a growing list of supporters. As we celebrate our 4th year we have some specific thank yous to give out:

  • Anna, Amaisha, and Megan: Along with each of you being amazing wives, and mothers to our children, we thank you for being along for the ride, allowing your husbands “podcast” to be something that keeps us together and keeps us happy and healthy in our practice of EM.
  • Our listeners: When we first started we thought, “we’ll do this for a few months, and only people in the 614 area code will listen to us”, but with listeners across the USA and on every continent we thank you for trusting us. As you come back episode after episode, you help us know that what we do has meaning, you are truly the people we do this for.
  • Our sponsors: We have have been fortunate along our journey to have guests, listeners and others who have been huge sponsors as they have helped us grow into new audiences, there are too many to mention, but know that we are inspired by your sponsorship and we thank you.
  • Our team: We were fortunate this last year to bring on board two new members to the team; Patricia Capone and Spencer Willette. Both medical students at OU-HCOM who have helped us get our act together and are writing posts/show notes for the blog. Thank you for having faith in us by giving of your time for our host’s sanity and for our listeners.

So, overall a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved in our show! We look forward to being here for a LONG time, and as we celebrate, know that we have a lot of great stuff (content, experiences, and we can’t forget SWAG) ahead of us.

 4 years of EM Over Easy


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4 years of EM Over Easy

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