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Post by Patricia Capone, OMS III

Why SheMD? Where did you come up with the idea?

After meeting in residency Lexie and Melissa realized they both had a passion for gender equality. They started a women’s group at their program and individually started blogging. After a while, they decided to join forces in order to reach a larger audience. Their main goal initially was to bring the conversation to women in medical education; particularly pre-med students, medical students, and residents. At the time, there seemed to be more information geared towards female attending EM physicians focusing on what it’s like to be a faculty member or a mom and an EM physician.

Work-life integration for women in medicine:

  • As life changes, you learn to adjust to those changes and new demands
  • To-do lists and schedules can be a huge help
  • Don’t listen when people tell you that you can only pursue certain specialties or careers if you plan to have a family.
  • You create the life that you want
  • You can have everything you want. You just can’t do it all at the same time.
  • You’re going to have to ask for help. You have to have a partner that’s a real partner.
  • COVID has disproportionally impacted women’s work-life integration.
    • Studies are showing:
      • The number of female first author publications that have come out since covid has dropped 19%
      • A disproportionate amount of childcare has fallen on women
      • COVID has exaggerated the gender-pay gap for physicians

How male physicians are playing into the problem and how they can help?

  • Be a part of the conversation!
  • Be aware of resources like SheMD that bring awareness to problems like the gender pay gap and the gender leadership gap
  • Read the literature in order to be able to have an academic discussion about it
  • Reinforcing to patients that your female colleagues are physicians when patients are mistaking them for someone other than a doctor
  • Using gender-neutral language
  • Sponsor your female colleagues by:
    • Nominating them for awards
    • Offering them opportunities for growth
    • Being more cognizant of who is on your personal cabinet/board of directors and being more intentional about adding them in.

Why should someone follow SheMD?

  • They have a “Why {Specialty}” series where women from different specialties explain their experience with being a woman in their field.
  • They have lots of medical education information like preparing for interviews and making your match list.
  • Their social media pages and the Journal Club tab on their website has lots of relevant and current literature particularly as it pertains to gender equality


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About Our Guests:

Dr. Alexandra “Lexie” Mannix is an Assistant Program Director of Emergency Medicine and Assistant Clerkship Director and Univserity of Florida – Jacksonville, as well as Medical Director of the UF Center for Simulation and Safety Research. She is also co-creator and Editor-In-Chief of sheMD.org.

Dr. Melissa Parsons is an Assistant Program Director of Emergency Medicine and Assistant Professor at University of Florida – Jacksonville. She is also co-creator and Editor-In-Chief of sheMD.org.


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Episode 101 SheMD

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