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In this episode of EM over Easy we have a live session from the 2021 spring ACOEP with our hosts Andy, Drew and Tanner and our special guests Dr. Jamie Hope and Dr. Jenny Beck-Esmay. Jenny has a musical/theater background before attending medical school who is also a phenomenal singer. Jamie during her college years had written and performed her own sitcoms. Storytelling can have a significant involvement in being a healthcare worker and can easily coincide with one another as discussed in this episode.



  • Educating with storytelling can help make it easier in teaching individuals.
  • Easier to memorize and understand versus the traditional methods.
  • Help capture the information based on a story versus the basic memorization process or using simple powerpoints.
  • Adding a story with emotions can capture attention to detail.
  • This may even factor into subjects like the current pandemic and the importance of getting vaccinated.
  • Empathic stories can show those the severity of the ongoing pandemic.


Patient Care

  • Using personal stories and empathy while giving troubling news to patients.
  • Giving reassurance, based on bad news to news on why a patient is coming in.
    • An example is when a patient is diagnosed with a terminal disease or one of their family members.
    • Another is when patients need reassurance on their concerns about their symptoms that could be a simple diagnosis that is only their chief complaint.
  • Choosing the correct time when using storytelling based on the situation.
  • Using others’ stories to help convey the information.
  • Easier to sway those not believing the information, rather than using facts.



Storytelling can make teaching, difficult situations or even getting those who do not understand the subject get a better understanding or empathy towards the subject to attention. To hear more about what is discussed click on the link below to key in on the aspects of storytelling with stories given from our hosts and guests.


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Storytelling in Medicine

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