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           In this episode, our hosts are at ACOEP speaking with our special guests Dr. Yaron Ivan and Dr. Marco Propersi in regards to the ongoing pandemic. They discuss the impacts that have come from the pandemic along with looking at the positive outcomes and changes to the way we practice. Throughout the pandemic there are various impacts that’ll change the treatment plan for COVID patients to educating and counseling. There are also positive outcomes that have come from the pandemic such as mental health awareness as it has been becoming more of a mainstream topic. Many changes have also taken place during the pandemic as the asymptomatic transmission is different than previous pandemics that were experienced throughout history.


Biggest impacts

  • Burnout in short and long burst
    • Acknowledging it and admitting you have it.
  • Rationing medical equipment
    • Increased high acuity
    • Trouble dealing with hypoxic patients and with limited supplies
  • Getting a mental break from stress/burnouts
  • Anti-Vaxxers became more prominent
    • Even those in medicine


Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

  • Looking for the “Collateral Beauty” in the pandemic
    • Ok with being Vulnerable
    • Increase in mental health awareness
    • Being spoken more at home, colleagues and with friends
  • Humbling providers
    • All providers coming together with learning/didactics on COVID
    • Educating and speaking with those whose idea can change with alternative opinions
  • Vaccination status
  • Understanding the pandemic


Changes During the Pandemic

  • Asymptomatic transmission being an issue
    • First from previous pandemics
  • More exposure to various ways of communication
    • What’s more appropriate for meeting via Zoom, email or in person etc.
  • Hypoxic patients in the 50s normally intubated
    • COVID patients don’t tolerate it as well
  • Individuals questioning decisions and not understand the why
    • Mask wearing to vaccination status
    • Trust issues
    • Dealing with the vices and virtues of social media
  • Career changes
    • Nurses making more money traveling
    • Less likely staff will stay due to increase in travel pay versus staying
    • Burnouts


Take Homes

Positive impacts come from multiple sources of the healthcare system. This would include not only providers but the scientists and those who develop the treatments. Convincing those to be vaccinated by educating them versus being aggressive and calmly interacting with them to show them evidence-based facts. Although not every patient or family member can be convinced, like those asking for ivermectin and other alternative treatments versus getting the vaccine. Speaking with patients in regards to their concerns with COVID with calibrated questions that’ll debunk myths and conspiracies.


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About Our Guests

Dr. Yaron Ivan was born and raised in Israel, graduated from military service in 2000 (infantries) and went to college at Northeastern University in Boston majoring in Biotechnology. He is the host and founder of PEM Rules, a dedicated Pediatric Emergency Medicine podcast.


Dr. Marco Propersi is an Assistant Clinical Professor at St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey.


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