Too many times we are told, or atleast feel the need to be “superman” not being impenetrable to the crap that comes along with our job, when frankly this is a farce. How do we become vulnerable, is there a right way to be vulnerable? In this episode our hosts Drs. Andy Little and John Casey are joined by Dr. Steven Nazario and Dr. Loice Swisher. When it comes to being vulnerable we develop these stories in our head right before we decide to make ourselves vulnerable that may give us a bad expectation for what is to come. There are times that being vulnerable can be dangerous, but knowing when to protect yourself from the dangers of vulnerability can also make it easier for those around you to be vulnerable around.  


Expectations of Vulnerability 

  • Often times we develop a story or expectation on what’s to come when being vulnerable
  • Not even Superman can save himself, so do not expect to yourself when you may need the help 
  • This could include difficulties in expressing vulnerability 
  • Afraid of the outcome or judgment 
    • Not treating or assessing something that may need a second opinion or refresher like procedures etc.
    • Afraid someone will use your vulnerability against you

Benefits of Vulnerability 

  • Given the fear of being vulnerable, there are also benefits to being vulnerable 
  • Can help build stronger relationships
    • Better understanding of your family, friends to even colleagues
  • May help in tough situations in the road ahead
    • Procedures we aren’t comfortable with
    • Difficult situations that may not be understood without explanation

Approaching Vulnerability

  • The dangers of vulnerability
  • Being cautious who you are being vulnerable with
  • Protecting yourself from the dangers of vulnerability
    • When being vulnerable to someone and notice a undesirable response
    • Knowing to not trust those and to avoid hurting yourself long term


Take Homes:

          Finding the balance in your vulnerability can be a difficult task as being vulnerable to begin with can be nerve wrecking. There are times where we try to be Superman, but have to understand that not even Superman can save himself. It is much easier to be vulnerable when we see the benefits from being vulnerable, but at the sametime know when to protect ourselves.

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About Our Guests:

Loice Swisher, MD

Core Faculty, Director of Wellness, AdventHealth East Orlando Emergency Medicine Residency

Steven Nazario, MD

Program Director, AdventHealth East Orlando Emergency Medicine Residency



  2. Boldt J. The concept of vulnerability in medical ethics and philosophy. Philos Ethics Humanit Med. 2019;14(1):6. Published 2019 Apr 11. doi:10.1186/s13010-019-0075-6


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