In this episode, Andy is joined by Casey McGillicuddy and Kevin Tomecsek for Part 2 of a great discussion about how to get the most out of non-EM rotations.


Topics to learn during an anesthesia rotation would be the nomenclature (ex. Mac vs Miller), the sizing of the blades, and the sizing of the ET tubes. Become familiar with the medications used and the options you have for rapid sequence intubation (RSI). Learn when to use the various sizes of blades and in what population they work best. Try to get a chance to intubate and learn as many tricks as possible to get a secure airway.


Try to intubate with anesthesia prior to the start of surgery. If you are going to do this, make sure to ask your surgery attending if they are okay with it. On this rotation, you should learn what a surgical abdomen feels like, what infected sutures look like, and how to manage the bounce back post-op patient. Again, learn the nomenclature of different sutures, one-handed vs two-handed knot tying, and when to use each type of suture (absorbable vs non-absorbable, sizing, and types of stitches). Try to get a lot of practice suturing and hand tying.

Fourth-Year Electives:

You should go into these rotations with the same general idea as third-year rotations. Ask yourself: What information and skills do I need to learn to be a better EM physician?

4th-year electives that can be helpful before intern year:

  • ICU
  • EM electives (tox, US, peds ED, etc)
  • IM specialties (cardio, EKG interpretation)
  • Surgical specialties (SICU)
  • Low yield: dermatology, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery
Take Home Points:
  1. Outline learning points for each rotation that will help you as an EM Doc.
  2. Learn “when” you need to call a specialist and how to best present information to them.
  3. Be involved and enjoy your time as a student.

Post by Shannon Caliri, DO PGY2

Our Guests:

Casey McGillicuddy, MD
PGY-3, AdventHealth East Orlando EM Residency

Kevin Tomecsek, MD
Clerkship Director, AdventHealth East Orlando EM Residency

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How To Take Advantage Of Non-EM Rotations: Part II – Med Student Over Easy

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